How to Choose Healthy Food Options at the Convenience Store

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy.  When you are out and about, or trying to find a fast snack at the convenience store, it can seem like just about every type of food you find is unhealthy.  Candy, chips and soda seem to take up most of the space in these stores.  However, if you look closely, you will still be able to find some food at the convenience store that is a little healthier than most of the options they have.




Some stores are now stocking small quantities of fruit in the refrigerated section.  If you are going to buy fruit, make sure that you check that it is ripe before buying. 




Another option is to check out the protein bars they have.  Quite a few convenience stores have these bars, and Balance Bars or Cliff Bars are great options.  While they are not the healthiest food on the planet, they are slightly better than the candy bar alternative.  Trail mix that contains just dried fruit and nuts is a good option, as well.  Whenever possible, opt for organic.




When buying grains, look for whole grains, instead of white or multi.  These come without all of the bleach and dyes, and are packed with natural vitamins and nutrients.




When buying meat, be aware that many products are full of chemicals and toxins.  These can cause illnesses and diseases, so look at the nutritional label.  If you must eat meat, try white meat instead of red.  Turkey slices are great for a snack, or try buying some pre-cooked chicken to toss into salads to make a full meal.


Packaged Foods


For slightly healthier options in the snack aisle, find pretzels that have reduced or no salt. Small bags of popcorn are another option.  Look for low sodium and low fat versions of snack food. 


When you know what to look for and what to avoid, you will be able to find more of these food options when you are at the convenience store and avoid consuming too many preservatives or fat.

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