How to Eat Healthy at Fast Food Restaurants

Even if you get in the habit of living a healthier life, you will find that it is still difficult to avoid the fatty temptations at fast food restaurants.  Whether you are too tired to cook when you come home in the evening, or your friends are going out for lunch, eating out is unavoidable, but eating healthily is within the grasp of everyone. 




One of the first things you will want to do is see if they have a salad as an alternative to fatty, sodium-laden fries.  Make sure that the salad isn’t just another calorie-packed nightmare though.  You don’t want to choose a salad that has bacon pieces or breaded chicken in it.  Choose a garden salad or a salad with grilled chicken if it.  Ask for the dressing on the side so it doesn’t come drenched in extra calories.


Skip the Fried Food


If you are going to order fast food, choosing grilled chicken for your sandwiches is a good idea.  You can even ask them to take off the bread and only include the chicken and the vegetables to avoid the sugars and carbs from the bread.  Lettuce wrapped sandwiches are popular in California and the trend is slowly but surely spreading elsewhere.  Also, stay away from French fries and fried meat – you’ll find your taste buds not wanting them after a few months.




When ordering drinks, you should stick to water, tea or coffee.  Regular sodas have too many calories, and the diet beverages have sweet tasting chemicals instead of sugar, some of which that build up inside the tissues of your body, causing damage and leaching calcium from your bones over the years.


Low-Calorie Menu


Many restaurants have a portion of their menu that is low-calorie, or has more natural ingredients in its choices.  Make a habit of sticking to this menu, and don’t tempt yourself by straying to the other side of the menu.


Better Desserts


Restaurants are fully aware that most of their customers are on diets or have high cholesterol.  To better fit their needs, many restaurants now provide smaller desserts so customers don’t have to skip the best part of the meal.  Many of these items are bite-sized and have 100-300 calories, instead of older trends where desserts were dinner-plate sized and contained well over 1,000 calories.  Treat yourself every so often if you really need something sweet.


It might be difficult to eat for your health at a fast food restaurant, but it will become more natural with a little practice.  Before you know it you’ll be cringing when you see your friends consume fried food and sugary sodas!

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