How to Find the Best Sushi Restaurant in Town

If you’re craving sushi on your lunch break or as part of a romantic evening, finding the right restaurant is everything. There are many so called sushi restaurants out there that offer everything from frozen fish to pre-made rolls, which will not make for a great dining experience.  When you want the best and most delicious dishes, it starts with finding the most authentic restaurant in your neighborhood.  Here are a few pointers to help you do so.

One thing to look for when you visit a sushi restaurant is the traditional chilled glass-fronted cabinet where all of the seafood is on display.  It’s usually located in a prominent place beside the sushi bar.  Check it looks moist and healthy.  Spoiled-looking or fake plastic seafood should send you running for the door!


You should be able to order from the sushi chef as you go along, in traditional Japanese style.  The menu offerings should also be in Japanese, with an English translation beside them and should not have titles like California roll.  If the menu is all in English, that is a big hint that no self-respecting Japanese person would ever eat there.

When your meal arrives, use the rice as the litmus test for quality.  If the sushi rice in your rolls has no flavor, you are likely not getting the best possible dishes either.  Your white rice should have a delicate flavor, and shouldn’t be soggy or dried out. 


One great tip is to avoid chain restaurants.  If you know the names of various Japanese sushi offerings and fish, try asking your sushi chef for them by name.  If it is obvious that he or she does not know what you are talking about, you may not be getting the authentic meal that the restaurant is promising you.

Finding great Japanese cuisine is largely a process of trial and error in most cities.  When you want an authentic experience, choosing the right restaurant is everything, and we hope these tips can give you a good start in doing so.

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