How to Find the Best Thai Food Restaurant in Los Angeles

When you have a taste for Thai food classics like pad Thai, sticky rice, and other spicy favorites, Los Angeles has more than its fair share of tasty restaurants to choose from.  If you want to find the best Thai food in the city, there are a couple of quality restaurants loved by critics and patrons alike. 


Located in the North Hollywood area of Los Angeles, Wat Thai is thought of as the best Thai restaurant around. With their signature Mango sticky rice and fried bananas leading the list of must haves on their menu, Wat Thai has been keeping guests happy for many years.  Whether you’re an expert in Thai food, or you just enjoy trying new things, Wat Thai is about as authentic as you can get.  People from all over the LA area flock to the Thai restaurant when they need their fix of spicy and delicious Thai food.

One of the best parts about enjoying Wat Thai for the evening is that their prices are extremely reasonable, proving you don’t have to spend a fortune to get truly amazing food.  Thai food like this simply isn’t available at competitor’s restaurants, which is why Wat Thai really stands out from the crowd.

Food critics and customers agree that when you’re looking for amazing Thai food, Wat Thai in North Hollywood is the place to go.  With high quality ingredients and great prices, you will truly enjoy the entire culinary experience in this scenic location.

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