How to Make an All American 4th of July Blueberry Pie

Making blueberry pie for the 4th of July is a fantastic idea, especially with its reputation at being one of the most popular desserts for this all-American holiday. Blueberry pie is easy to make from scratch and it is sure to taste better than any standard pie from a bakery.


Blueberry pie was first eaten by American settlers and quickly grew to be a very popular desert in the United States. This fact alone makes the pie a great dessert to serve for 4th of July, along with how delicious it tastes. The state of Maine has actually appointed blueberry pie as their official state dessert, showing how beloved this pie is in America!

The first step in preparing blueberry pie is to get together all of the different ingredients. To bake a delicious pie, you are going to need the following.



•    3/4 cup of white sugar
•    ¼ teaspoon of salt
•    1 tablespoon of butter
•    ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon
•    3 tablespoons of cornstarch
•    4 cups of fresh blueberries
•    9 inch double crush pie



The oven should be preheated to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C). Next, combine salt, cornstarch, cinnamon and sugar, and then sprinkle the mixture over the blueberries. A pie dish will be lined with one of the pie crust and filled with the blueberry mixture. Afterwards, cut the remaining pastry into ½ – ¾ inch strips and make a lattice top. Crimping the edges will complete the look of your delicious pie. The pie can be placed into the oven on the lower shelf for about 50 minutes or until the crust is a light golden brown color.


A Word on Using Fresh Blueberries


A great way to ensure the blueberry pie tastes the best on 4th of July is by choosing freshly picked blueberries. Organic blueberries are another nice idea that will ensure you’re not consuming pesticide residue. The pie crust can also be made from scratch, though more ingredients are needed along with more work being put into cooking.


Preparing the pie the day before or on 4th of July will also help ensure the pie tastes wonderful since reheating takes away some of the flavor and freshness. Taking the additional time to choose freshly picked blueberries and baking just hours before the party can ensure the dessert tastes wonderful and is a hit with everybody at the party.

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