How to Make His and Her Easter Cupcakes

Are you looking for a great way to add some fun to your Easter?  If so, then making his and her Easter cupcakes might just be the best option.  This is a simple way to make great treats that offer beautiful colors in a unique way for Easter.


To start, you’ll need cake mix for your Easter cupcakes.  You will also need a 16-ounce container of vanilla frosting, 3 rolls of fruit leather, 12 pieces of striped fruit gum, some red food coloring, 24 vanilla wafers and some small candies.  Visit local candy stores to find specialty items that will better decorate your cupcakes.


To get started with your Easter cupcakes, you’ll need to line a muffin pan with paper liners.  You can spray nonstick spray here, too.  Prepare the cake batter according to the package directions and bake for the required amount of time.  Now, let your Easter cupcakes cool before you do anything else.


Once the Easter cupcakes are completely cool, frost 12 of them.  These will be “his” Easter cupcakes.  Put one piece of striped gum around the cupcake as a shirt collar and cut another to look like a tie.  “Her” Easter cupcakes need pink frosting – use the red coloring to dye the vanilla frosting and frost 12 more cupcakes.  Use the frosting to glue two vanilla wafers together and then frost the sandwich pink.


Place the cookies just off center on the Easter cupcakes to form the top of the hat.  Add fruit leather and candies to decorate the hats.  These treats are a delectable duo that add a bit of creativity to your holiday, and can even be given in an Easter gift basket to show your love!

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