How to Make Homemade Beer For Your Dad on Father’s Day

If you are looking for something fun to do with your dad on Father’s Day, why not try to make some homemade beer?  Making your own beer can be an enjoyable task and a delicious beverage to bond over with your dad, and is much better than opting for spending a fortune on drinks at a liquor store


There are simple recipes that you can use, and the process will require very little investment.  Read on to learn how you can make homemade beer with your dad on Father’s Day.

How to Make Beer at Home:


In order to make beer, you will need to have the required supplies.  You must have a large pot that can hold three gallons of liquid.  You will also need a 10 gallon bucket, a set of empty bottles with caps, vinyl tubing, a long spoon and a kitchen thermometer.  Besides those supplies, you will need to purchase ingredients in order to make the beer.  The ingredients include 40 oz malt extract, a packet of yeast and seven cups of sugar.


1. The first thing that you and your dad will need to do is to sterilize the utensils.  To do this, you will have to wash the bucket, pot and spoon.  Wash them in boiling water.

2. Next, you will need to pour three gallons of fresh water into the 10 gallon bucket. Place the bucket in a location that will not be disturbed.  It should be in a place where the room temperature does not go above 20 degrees Celsius.

3. Use the large pot to boil two gallons of water.  Once the water starts to bubble, add the malt extract.  Then, add the sugar to the boiling water so it can dissolve.

4. After the sugar has dissolved, you will need to add the contents of the pot into the bucket that is filled with water.  Make sure to pour it quickly, otherwise, air bubbles can get trapped in the mixture.

5. Pour cold water over the brew to cool it down.  Once the brew reaches room temperature, you will need to add the packet of yeast.  Use the spoon to stir it until the yeast disappears.  Put a lid or foil over the bucket to let it ferment.  This will take approximately 10 to 12 days.  After that time has passed, take a taste – it should taste bitter.  If it still tastes sweet, let it ferment for another day or two.

6. After the beer has been fermented, you will need to bottle it.  Make sure to sterilize the bottles before using them.  Add two tablespoons of sugar to each of the bottles.  Then, use the tube to siphon the beer into the bottles.  Fill them, but leave a little bit of space so the liquid will have room to move.  Put their caps on and shake them until the sugar dissolves.

7. Store your bottles of beer in a cool place.  You are going to be tempted to drink them soon, but it would be better to wait.  In fact, it would be ideal to wait until next Father’s Day to drink them. That will give them their best taste.


To personalize your beverage, print out some sticky labels on the computer or at a print shop with a logo that features your father’s face and name – something like ‘Papa Smith’s Own Brew.’  You can be sure he’ll keep the bottle for long after the beer is gone!

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