How to Make the Best Omelet in the World

Bacon, tomato, ham, chicken, cheddar, swiss, pepperjack; there are limitless possibilities to making one of the most versatile and popular breakfast items – the Omelet.  You don’t have to head down to the breakfast cafe or Omelet Parlor to have one of these fluffy delights – learn to make your own at home!

Making breakfast is an underrated art form.  Most people eat cereal and milk for breakfast.  Some people skip breakfast all together.  However, it is by far the most important meal of the day.  Literally meaning ‘Break-Fast’, this morning meal provides your body with vital nutrients for the day ahead.   Without it, your body will not have the energy storage it needs to function at its maximum potential.  


So, learning how to cook breakfast should be a mandatory life lesson.  Follow these directions to make a simple, yet delicious breakfast omelet.


Breakfast Omelet Ingredients:





Optional: nearly any type of cheese, meat, vegetable, or fruit


Breakfast Omelet Steps:


Step 1: Crack a few eggs into a bowl.

Step 2: For every egg, as a teaspoon of milk (any kind works).

Step 3: Stir vigorously.  You want to mix as much air as possible into the liquid. (Air = Fluffy pancakes).

Step 4: Heat a non-stick pan to medium over the stove.  You can use a regular pan and add a little oil or butter.

Step 5: When the pan is heated, pour the eggs evenly into the pan.  You want to cover the pan a few millimeters in depth.  Use your judgment; the more you pour, the bigger the omelet.

Step 6: Count to ten.  You will see the bottom start to firm and turn solid yellow.

Step 7: With your spatula, push one corner of the eggs towards the center of the pan.  Tilt the pan so the liquid eggs go to that corner. 

Step 8: Repeat Step 7 with different corners of the pan.  After a couple times, there will be only a little bit of liquid egg left.  Everything else will be solid.

Step 9: Now you add your cheese, meat, fruits, veggies.  I like cooked ham, sharp cheddar, tomatoes, bell peppers, and sometimes jalapenos.  Get creative and experiment!

Step 10: Tilt the pan to one side and with your spatula slowly fold the upper edge over. Your circle will turn into a half-circle omelet.  Place on a plate and serve!
*NOTE: Do not overcook. Your omelet is done when the top is no longer liquid.  It should still be a little mushy (very viscous).  When you fold the omelet over, it will continue to cook for a bit and firm up.


Serving Suggestion:


Depending on what you put in your omelet, you may want to compliment it with other dishes for a more complete breakfast.  Your healthy breakfast should include protein, carbs, and fats. 


Here is a good sample breakfast: omelet (proteins and healthy fats), toast (carbs), fruit (carbs), and orange juice (carbs).  Enjoy your breakfast!

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