How to Make the World’s Best Garlic Bacon Spaghetti

During the winter, you may find that you crave hearty, warming food.  You certainly can’t get much heartier than this rib-sticking, delicious spaghetti dish.  While certainly not for the dieter, it is cheap to make, and will be well worth the calories once you dig in!

You will need:


Pack of thick-cut bacon

Spaghetti (brown or white)

Fresh or pre-chopped garlic (garlic powder will do)



Deep frying pan or wok


Preparation and cooking time: 15 minutes

Difficulty level: Easy




First, chop all of your mushrooms into thick slices.  Put them into a bowl and put them aside for now.  Next, take a sharp, clean pair of kitchen scissors, pick up each slice of bacon and snip it into pieces about two inches long (about the length of your thumb).  You can use a knife if you like, but using scissors is quicker.

Next, boil some water.  Measure your spaghetti using the age-old method of encircling it with your finger and thumb so your finger touches your thumb.  This much spaghetti makes enough for two people.  Add it to the pan and cook for six to 10 minutes, until al dente (cooked but not squishy).


Now, here’s the fun part! In a large, deep frying pan or Wok, add two to three tablespoons of butter or butter substitute.  Olive oil can also be used instead if you are concerned about your waistline, but it doesn’t taste as good.  Next, drop in your sliced mushrooms and cook them for two to four minutes, until soft.


You can now add your chopped bacon to the mix and sauté with the mushrooms on a medium heat.  Now is the time to add in about a teaspoon full of chopped garlic (fresh or pressed), or a half-teaspoonful of garlic powder. 


Stir everything together, reduce to low heat, and let the delicious smells of garlicky bacon envelop your senses!


When the bacon is cooked, drain your spaghetti and combine everything together in the saucepan.  Stir gently to mix the bacon, mushroom and garlic in together.  No sauce is needed, the spaghetti will take on the oils and flavor of the bacon and garlic.


This is one type of comfort food that your children will love – we guarantee that they will keep coming back for more!

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