How to Make Warming Mulled Wine a Great Winter Drink!

Ah, mulled wine.  Traditionally made at Christmas, this warming brew can be enjoyed on any chilly evening throughout the year, and will put a spring to your step and a glow to your cheeks!  You can add all kinds of fresh and dried fruit to this wine to change the flavor, but here we have the most popular recipe right here.


This recipe hails from the streets of London, England, where mulled wine is prepared in huge wooden and steel tubs, and sold from street vendor’s carts throughout the months of November and December for one pound ($1.50) a cup. 


With a quick visit to your local liquor store, you can make your own, much cheaper (but just as tasty!) version.

To make spiced mulled wine, you will need:


2 bottles of red wine (dry)

4 fl oz port or brandy

10 cloves

2 cinnamon sticks

The zest of 1 large orange (take an orange zester or sharp knife and scrape all of the skin off … this is the ‘zest!’)

Freshly ground nutmeg




This is perhaps the easiest drink recipe to make in the world.  All you have to do is find a big enough iron or steel cooking pot, and pour in all of the wine and port.  Bring to a slow simmer, sprinkling in the other ingredients one at a time to allow them to flavor the wine, stirring slowly.


IMPORTANT! Do not let the mulled wine boil, as this will spoil the flavor and burn off the alcohol.


Cover and set to a slow roil on low heat for 20 minutes.  Serve right away before it cools in a large steel jug.  Wrap the jug in tea-towels secured with string or elastic bands to insulate and keep the heat in.

Serving Suggestion


Serve in china cups garnished with a fresh cinnamon stick.  Do not use wine glasses as the boiling liquid may cause them to crack.  Regular thick glasses are okay.  If you like, you can dust some extra nutmeg powder on the top of each cup.

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