How to Make Your Dad a Manly Cooked Breakfast on Father’s Day
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More than golf clubs, ties or a coffee mug, there’s something your father would much prefer for Father’s Day. That’s right! We are talking about breakfast. A bowl of Wheaties for heart health, a glass of cranberry juice to cleanse his kidneys and something whole wheat for extended nutritious energy is all well and good, but it also tastes like… well… it doesn’t. He probably chokes that stuff down the other 364 days a year to stay fit for his family, so on this special day, make Dad a manly breakfast that would even make Chuck Norris proud. We’re talking meat, eggs, meat, coffee, meat, booze and meat! Or as it will be known once you have served this breakfast, “The Greatest Father’s Day Present Ever!”



Let’s get started. First, throw on a pot of your dad’s favorite coffee. Coffee won’t take long to make and can sit on the coffee maker for awhile without going bad. In translation, the food may burn, but the coffee won’t, so make the coffee first and then turn your attention to the food.


Feed the Carnivore in Him

Now on to the meal. Make sure you did plenty of shopping at the grocery store or your local butchers before starting, and don’t just scrounge for ingredients in the fridge. No matter what the experts may say, any form of meat goes great with breakfast. When your dad was in college, after an all-nighter, he would eat anything from day-old pizza to cold hot dogs, and charcoal steaks right out of the fridge. Throwing multiple cuts of meat on a plate partnered with some decent eggs and more meat will not only taste delicious, but remind him of the stud he once was and still may be. Grab a decent flank steak, season it up, slap it in a skillet and cook it to taste.


Some More Protein


While that’s going, get another skillet going with a pound of bacon. Yes, a pound of bacon. He’ll have the rest of the year to work it off, so don’t go getting all stingy with it on Father’s Day. With two meats going on the range, turn your attention to some eggs. There are two things to keep in mind here: what are your dad’s favorite kinds of eggs, and whether or not you can properly cook them? If you can, make no less than three eggs in your dad’s favorite style. If you cannot, your dad will have to settle for scrambled. The eggs won’t take too long to cook, so try to save these until the end.


Third Meats a Charm

By this time, the bacon should be wrapping up. Once you have it out of the skillet to rest, replace it with some sausage patties to wrap up this three meat & eggs classic. Don’t worry about cross contamination, as the same animal was harmed in the making of this breakfast, and you’re going to thoroughly cook each enough to kill anything that may still be alive in the pan at this time.

Arrange all of this on a plate a la Emeril Lagasse, yell “bam!” and crack open a bottle of bourbon, Bailey’s, schnapps or whatever liquor your dad enjoys in his coffee. Top off his mug with a liberal amount, and hand him his plate o’ meaty goodness. He’ll have time to thank you for it when he’s done eating.

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