How to Start Your Own Commonsense Healthy Diet No Calorie Counting Allowed!

You’ve seen a thousand commercials advertising gym memberships and expensive workout videos. While these are certainly tools that help people look and feel better, the only sure way to stay healthy is to abide by a nutritious diet.

Eating healthy has countless benefits. For starters, it can reduce your risk of contracting conditions such as Type II Diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. It can also reduce your risk of artery diseases, caused by years of fatty food intake.

There are so many delicious things to eat that are so good for you. Whole grains and foods containing fiber protect against weight gain and help to regulate your digestive system. It’s easy to keep a healthy diet on track with tasty whole grain cereals for breakfast, a balanced protein/ carb lunch (such as lean meat with vegetables), and a light dinner with a square of comparatively-healthy dark chocolate for dessert.


Eating the bulk of your calories in the morning and early afternoon discourages weight gain, by giving you the whole day to burn off the calories. Surprise surprise, most calories consumed after 6pm tend to be stored as fat as we’re less active in the evening, and of course while we sleep. 

A nutritious diet also includes the substance that comprises 75% of our bodies: water. Water keeps us hydrated, is completely fat-free, and is the cheapest drink you can buy. If you don’t like the taste of tap water, install a Britta or PUR brand water filter on your tap for at-home purity and great water taste. Bottled water is expensive, contains dissolved plastics from the bottle, and is usually nothing more than plain old tap water with electrolytes and salt added to give it a palatable taste.

Switching over to a nutritious diet and drinking plenty of water will make you look and feel better. Healthy eating and proper hydration contributes to good skin, strong nails, and thicker hair. A nutritious diet also contributes to weight loss — something that millions of people in America are working to achieve.


Don’t forget too that when you eat better, you sleep better, waking up fresh, and without unsightly dark circles. That means you can throw out all those expensive ‘anti-dark-circle’ creams!

Abiding by a nutritious diet is just of the many ways, including exercising regularly, that you can live a healthy lifestyle. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll start reaping the health benefits.

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