How to Use up Leftover Turkey for Healthy Family Meals

When you think of turkey, your mind probably conjures up images of holiday meals. Of course, you can cook with turkey on more occasions than just Thanksgiving and Christmas. When you cook with turkey, you will enjoy some healthy benefits that you might not have known about.


Eating turkey means adding some high quality, lean protein to your meals. Protein is the building block of muscle, and everyone needs to have plenty of protein in order to enjoy optimum good health. Four ounces of turkey will provide you with approximately 65% of the daily protein that you need in your diet.


You can cook with turkey to increase the amount of the mineral selenium you take in. Selenium is a great way to protect against cancer. Turkey also has plenty of niacin and Vitamin B6, which has also shown promise in protecting against cancer. Vitamin B6 can also help to increase your energy.


When compared with other types of food, you will find that turkey is low in calories. Consuming more turkey means getting the protein you need while still losing weight on your diet. It only has half the saturated fat of red meat, too.


In order to enjoy more of the benefits of eating turkey, you don’t have to prepare an entire bird. Any good supermarket should stock cutlets or breasts. You can find ground turkey to substitute for fatty beef as well. You can boil it in soups, slice it in sandwiches, or use it salads instead of chicken. You’ll never run out of ways to incorporate turkey into your diet!

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