Important Health Benefits Found in Kale the ‘New Spinach’

Everyone knows that eating dark leafy greens is essential to good health.  The problem is most people go for spinach, which is great; but it gets boring after a while.  There are a bunch of dark leafy greens that not a lot of people eat such as collard greens and kale available at most farmer’s markets.  Let’s talk a little bit about kale.


Kale comes from the cabbage family and there different types such as Scots kale, Tuscan kale and Rape kale.  You can use different types for different recipes. 


For example, for stews, you can use the kale with thicker leaves and keep the thinner leaves for salads.  You will amazed at the many benefits this vegetable has to offer and how incredibly easy it is to incorporate it into your daily meals without comprising on taste!


Kale is known to be “THE” wonder vegetable. Kale is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  This incredible vegetable is loaded with vitamins A, K and C as well as being rich in iron and calcium.  Kale is abundant in lutein, which is a very powerful antioxidant and has more beta-carotene than broccoli!


Kale is also rich in sulfur (sulphorane), which science says will trigger your liver to produce enzymes that detoxify your body of cancer causing chemicals.  Kale is also rich in manganese, vitamin E, copper and vitamin B.  To put things in perspective, one serving of kale is less than 40 calories, yet it contains over 190% of your daily vitamin A intake!  Now that’s a power vegetable!


An Australian study showed that people that consume more beta-carotene rich foods are less likely to develop skin cancer.  If you’re allergic to cow’s milk you can get your daily calcium intake by eating kale.  Now, in just one vegetable, you’re staying young, preventing cancer and consuming practically a multivitamin all while enjoying a delicious meal.


Kale will also help with improving your digestion, while lowering your blood sugar levels and helps you curb your appetite.  This amazing veggie will help you lower your cholesterol promoting a healthy cardiovascular system.


After reading this article you should be bolting to the nearest grocery store and looking up recipes with kale.  A great benefit is that you can find kale all year round! This is a very easy addition you can add to your daily diet that will dramatically improve your health.


Tell family and friends about this powerful vegetable.  Kale is also a great vegetable for kids, they love it!  There are a TON of recipes out there with kale, so you can enjoy a different meal everyday that is packed with incredible health benefits.


So what are you waiting for?  Go get your kale today!

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