In Praise of the Humble Cupcake: America’s Favorite Treat

Today, you can’t walk three blocks without seeing a bakery selling deliciously moist cupcakes.  Having cupcakes for a snack, for dessert or even instead of a wedding cake, is becoming increasingly popular as the years go by.  But what is the real reason this tasty treat is on everyone’s mind so frequently?

Smaller in Size


The first reason that cupcakes are so popular is quite obvious.  Most people these days are on a diet, and yet still have a soft spot for sweets – and cupcakes are a decidedly rich treat.  If you want to have a great tasting dessert, you can eat a cupcake without feeling too guilty.  They are smaller than most slices of cake, so they are going to have fewer calories. 


They might not be healthy (a store-bought cupcake from a bakery has 585 calories, whereas a homemade cupcake has 298), but it’s still better than a massive slice of cake slathered in frosting.


Beautiful Decorations


The growing trend of cupcakes is also due to the creativity many bakers have experimented with over the years, to come up with today’s most popular variations.  Today, cupcakes are decorated with beautifully colored icing, as well as fondant and colorful edible decorations.  They can be put together on a platter to make an American flag with a full coat of icing, or even a picture or design. 


Today, you can see "Cupcake Wars" on the Food Network, and even "DC Cupcakes" on TLC.  There are plenty of cupcake competitions, where viewers can root for their favorite baker and drool over the creative desserts.  Cupcakes bring us together – it’s official.


A Portable Treat


Cupcakes are portable, as well.  You can pack them with you for lunch or a picnic without the problems that come from trying to take along an entire cake and slice it.  They are not messy, which means kids can eat them without trouble.  Dedicated cupcake trucks and cake stores are also becoming increasingly popular, where vendors simply hand out the treat on the street without even having to maintain a store.

Plenty of Flavors


Of course, one of the best reasons to buy cupcakes is that you are going to be able to find so many varieties.  No matter what your taste buds crave, you can find any flavor that will sate your needs, whether with red velvet, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or mint.  It is even possible to find bakeries that offer gluten-free options for their cupcakes, making it an accessible treat for all!

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