Local Guide Head to the East Village to Find the Best Pizza in New York City

When you are in New York City, you are going to want to sample some of the restaurants, and you can’t go to NYC without trying some pizza. While you will be able to find a plethora of pizza places in New York, you should take some time to try Artichoke Basilles. It is located in the East Village, and you will always find a line that leads out the door. Don’t let the line dissuade you though. It is well worth the wait.

The pizza shop has many different types of pizza for you to enjoy. You can choose the crab, Sicilian, margarita, or the famous artichoke pizza. All of them are delicious, and you might want to try a few different types on your visit. You can also try the stuffed artichokes, which are phenomenal. The pizza shop also offers water, soda, and beer for drinks to wash all that pizza down with.

The pizza place is so popular that you might even find that you are standing shoulder to shoulder with some celebrities who can’t get enough. Locals and visitors alike will not want to miss this unique New York experience.

When you come to the pizza shop, make sure you have cash with you. The shop does not accept credit cards, just a warning in advance. They do not offer delivery either, so you will have to pick up your slice or entire pie. The food is fresh and delicious, and once you dig in, you will forget all about waiting in line.

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