Making Traditional Holiday Egg Nog is Fun and Easy

Making egg nog to serve at your Christmas get-together can be a great way to welcome the season.  Egg nog is a popular beverage that can be served with cocktails at your Christmas party, or it can be served on its own.  If you want to make the best egg nog this year, here’s what you’ll need.


First, you need to gather some ingredients for your Christmas beverage.  You need about six ounces of rum and whiskey (six ounces of each), as well as six beaten eggs.  You’ll need six ounces of sugar (regular cane sugar is fine), as well as about two teaspoons of salt.  Add to that list fifteen ounces of whipping cream (not whipped cream) and fifteen ounces of milk.


To make your Christmas egg nog, you need to add all of the ingredients listed above to a large mixing bowl.  Mix them well until the sugar is dissolved (warming up your milk and cream can help shorten the mixing time).  Chill it for at least five hours. 


Once your Christmas egg nog has chilled and is ready to serve, make sure that you mix it once more to get rid if any air bubbles and smooth out the consistency, and then garnish it with some grated nutmeg for your guests.


As a note, the simple recipe for Christmas egg nog listed above will make enough to fill a standard punch bowl.  You can decrease the amount by cutting down on the ingredients if you want less egg nog.  This festive drink will add some holiday cheer to any Christmas gathering!

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