Review: the Nopalea Health Drink Cure All or Placebo Effect?

When it comes to health products advertised on television, many people are skeptical.  After the diet drug health scare back in the early 2000’s, many people are rightfully worried about taking products they see on television, but Nopalea by TriVita is completely natural and derived from cactus. 


Even if it is safe, however, can it really live up to the anti-inflammatory benefits that it claims? 

In looking at reviews for Nopalea, it is actually quite surprising: finding a bad review on the drink is almost impossible.  The lowest rating found has been a three out of five, which was accompanied by an admission that the reviewer had not actually tried the product. 


Those who have tried it seem to love it, and many are quick to point out a reduction in aches and pains since starting Nopalea.  In fact, long time users report that it also helps to curb appetite, aiding in weight loss.

Nopalea is not intended as a substitute for medical treatment, but for people with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, it seems to be quite effective.  The drink has helped many people begin to move around better, and many even report a better immune response. 


These benefits are certainly impressive for a health drink derived for a cactus, and what may even be more surprising is that there are no complaints about the flavor of Nopalea.  Health drinks are notorious for tasting terrible, so for a product to taste great and actually offer benefit is nothing short of surprising. 


You can get Nopalea online from the company’s website or at many health food stores.

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