San Diego’s Best Restaurant is One of the New Kids on the Block

The Fleetwood, a new restaurant in San Diego, is located on the corner of 7th and J Street in the downtown area. This new restaurant offers more than just a great menu though, and it is quickly becoming known as one of the best restaurants in San Diego’s downtown Gaslamp Quarter. In addition to the restaurant, you will find a lounge and a sports bar. After 10PM, The Fleetwood becomes a nightclub!

A large bar is one of the main features of this new restaurant. On one side of the bar is a lounge area with TVs. The dining area is located on the other side of the bar. The restaurant features a private room for hosting events throughout the week. On the weekend, the back room becomes a sports lounge.

However, it’s not for the bar or the lounge that most people visit here. They are looking for some great food, and believe us, The Fleetwood can deliver. You will find many different types of food at this new restaurant, and something is sure to strike your fancy. You can choose bar food or gourmet meals – The Fleetwood has it all from lamb chops to grilled cheese sandwiches. The new restaurant also has an outstanding wine list from which you can choose.

Dining at this new restaurant makes for a great starting point for a night in downtown. It’s a great place for friends to gather and have a great meal, or for a couple out on a date. The new restaurant is not ideally suited for family outings with the little ones though, just a word of advice!

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