Stuffing a Thanksgiving Turkey Is Not As Difficult As You Might Think

Stuffing that Thanksgiving turkey does not need to be a time consuming task.  In fact, with the right recipe, it can actually be pretty easy.  However, you do need to make sure to do it right in order to be safe from food poisoning this Thanksgiving. 

First, prepare your stuffing.  You might opt to make your stuffing from scratch, or you might prefer to make a box mix.  Regardless, the steps you will follow to stuff your Thanksgiving bird are the same.  Once your stuffing is prepared, you can begin. 


Use warm stuffing and make sure that your Thanksgiving turkey is completely thawed. You will need three-quarters of a cup of stuffing for each pound of turkey.  Remove the giblets from the turkey and set aside if you intend to use them later.  Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after touching the giblets, or use disposable rubber gloves for this part. First, stuff the neck loosely with stuffing and pin the skin over the stuffing with a skewer.  Next, spoon stuffing into the body cavity.  Cover the exposed stuffing at the base of the body with aluminum foil or even a piece of bread to keep your Thanksgiving stuffing from burning.


Now, you need to cook your Thanksgiving turkey.  Remember, adding stuffing to your turkey will increase your cooking times, usually by at least an hour. Cooking times for Thanksgiving turkeys vary by weight, but you need to add extra time because of the stuffing – the interior of the turkey and the stuffing itself need to be one hundred and sixty-five degrees to be considered “done.”

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