Surprising Health Benefits of Black Foods

“Eat your greens!” has been the sage advice offered by nutritionists and mothers for years now.  However, black may now be the new green.  Scientists all over the world are now touting the health benefits of eating black vegetables and other black foods.  Why are black foods so good for you, and what kinds offer the most health benefits?


Foods such as black pepper, black tea, black grapes, balsamic vinegar and black salt all offer health benefits.  For instance, black tea contains tons of amino acids to keep your heart healthy and to keep your stress levels down.  Black sesame seeds offer a good source of iron and protein, and black pepper provides lots of hydrochloric acid for better digestion. Black grapes give you tremendous amounts of antioxidants and help with detoxification, while balsamic vinegar can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


So, why are black foods more beneficial than green vegetables?  It’s been found that black foods are often higher in essential vitamins and nutrients.  They contain higher levels of minerals and antioxidants, and can play an important role in improving your overall health. There are even some studies that suggest black foods can have a beneficial impact on your sex drive and your reproductive functioning.


Look for black foods to start taking prominent places in your local supermarket.  However, if your local mega-mart doesn’t offer much in the way of black foods, you can head down to a local farmer’s market or organic grocer and find many available options.


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