The Best Restaurant in The Los Angeles Area is Not a New Restaurant

When you are looking for the best restaurant in Los Angeles, you have certain criteria that you want the eatery to meet. The Palm in West Hollywood is easily one of the most popular spots for locals, visitors, and celebrities alike. It is not a new restaurant; it has been operating for 30 years, but it is always busy, and people are always making reservations.

The restaurant is known for their steak, but they have many other dishes as well. You will be able to dine on a variety of seafood and Italian dishes. All of the food is excellent, and the ambiance rivals that of any new restaurant in the area. The Palm also offers an extensive choice of wines and other beverages.

When you are in Los Angeles, you should think about making a reservation at The Palm in West Hollywood, or the downtown location. Since 2002, The Palm Downtown has given visitors and locals a new restaurant to dine at that has a similar atmosphere and menu to the old favorite. Because of the history of The Palm, you will find just as many celebrities eating here as you will at any new restaurant the city offers. While a new restaurant might offer change, The Palm offers comfort.

If you are looking for a new restaurant to try and you have an appetite for steak, then either of The Palm locations is for you! Even with all of the new restaurant names and locations cropping up around Los Angeles, you might just want to stick with an old favorite rather than risk a new restaurant. Thousands of Los Angelinos agree that The Palm is the Number One choice for quality dining in Los Angeles.

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