The Top 3 Most Popular Restaurants in America
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American culture has created the perfect way to dine out on a regular basis by creating the chain restaurant.  With working men and women who have families to care for, the idea of occasionally going into a restaurant to be served by someone else is wonderful.  The chain restaurant was born because consumers wanted to know they would be getting the same service and the same favorite foods all the time, no matter where they might be in the country.


Ironically, one of the most popular American restaurants is Olive Garden, which is a chain Italian restaurant with locations all throughout the country.  The Olive Garden serves up Italian-style food with American flair.  There are more Olive Gardens than almost any of the casual chains.  Their garlic bread-sticks are particularly good.


Applebee’s has a strong family appeal, as far as chains go.  This American restaurant chain serves up traditional ‘home cooking’ fare in a fun atmosphere.  You can study the walls in your local restaurants to see some of the history of your town, or if you’re traveling, you can learn about the city you’re in.  It’s a fun model that other American restaurants have tried to copy on several occasions.


Of course, you can’t talk about American restaurants, especially chains, without mentioning the fast food juggernaut that is McDonald’s.  Though this restaurant chain is attributed to America, it is now located in countries all around the world.  With all McDonald’s restaurants combined, including those abroad, there are over 31,000 in existence.  No matter where you go, you are sure to find a McDonald’s restaurant nearby.  Eating at McDonalds may be scraping the bottom of the culinary barrel, we admit, but when you’re hungry and don’t have enough money to eat at a regular restaurant, a McDonalds Happy Meal will always hit the spot.


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