Three Great Ways to Turn Your Thanksgiving Bread Rolls into Real Treats

If your Thanksgiving dinner rolls suffer from the “ho-hums,” then you are probably interested in finding a way to make them a bit more appealing.  Thankfully, a simple, easy recipe can be used to change boring Thanksgiving rolls into gourmet rolls that will delight your family and friends this holiday season.  Here are three ways to do just that:


Sunflower Seeds:

In addition to the package of frozen or refrigerated rolls, you will need butter and sunflower seeds.  Melt the butter and place the sunflower seeds on a plate.  Follow the package directions for preparing your Thanksgiving rolls.  A minute or two before the rolls are done, remove them from the oven.  Apply melted butter with a brush, and then tip the top of your rolls in the sunflower seeds.  Replace in the oven to finish cooking.


Sesame Seeds:

This Thanksgiving recipe is almost the same as the one above.  You simply need to substitute sesame seeds for sunflower seeds during the final steps.


Cheddar Cheese:

For this Thanksgiving recipe, you will not need any extra butter, but you will need a bag of coarsely shredded cheddar cheese.  A couple of minutes before your rolls are done cooking, liberally sprinkle cheddar cheese over them and replace them in the oven.  Allow the cheese to melt and the rolls to finish cooking.


As you can see, there are many different ways that you can make your ordinary Thanksgiving dinner rolls into gourmet delights that will wow your diners and be a huge hit.  Have fun trying these out!

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