Tips for Making a Tidy and Delicious Sushi Roll

If you are making sushi, there are hundreds of different dishes you can enjoy and so many variations.  Making sushi at home is a great idea if you eat out a lot and find yourself craving sushi on weeknights.  It might seem hard until you get the hang of it, but once you have made a few of your favorite sushi foods once or twice, you might just become an expert. You don’t need Japanese sushi classes or even cooking lessons to make a successful nigiri.  What you really need is a bit of practice, so plan on making this for yourself once or twice before presenting your sushi rolls to your friends.  Do a bit of research to find your favorite recipes, so you can be sure that you are making something you will enjoy eating.


To get you started, here’s how to make a simple rice roll…


First, you’ll need to gather your ingredients. You’ll need: a pack of seaweed sheets, a wooden rolling mat, cooked sushi rice, sushi roll filling (fish or cut vegetables such as cucumber, sprouts, carrots (raw), avocado), sesame seeds.


The seaweed sheet that you use is called the nori.  You will need to lay this sheet out so that the rough side is facing up.  If you put down a rolling mat first, it can drastically help things later in the process.  Then, be sure that your hands are wet before you start handling the cooked sushi rice.  This rice is sticky, and your wet hands will keep it from sticking to you.  Make a ball with the rice and put it in the middle of the nori sheet.  The nori sheet should be completely dry when you do this, or the rice will not stick very well.  Spread the rice evenly over the nori sheet, leaving about half an inch uncovered at the edges. 


Next, fill your roll with your chosen fillings, working down the very center of the rice.  Then, roll up the mat and tuck the rice and filling inside, use the rolling mat to create an even roll, putting pressure on all sides evenly as you move. When you unroll the mat, you should have your first sushi roll.


Sprinkle a cutting board with sesame seeds (untoasted), and use the flat of your hand to lightly roll the sushi roll in the seeds, evenly coating the outside of the rice. When you are done, cut the roll into approx 1-inch slices with a sharp knife, and arrange on a sushi plate. You’ll be declared a sushi master when you present these delicious nigiri to your friends!

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