Top 3 Best Steakhouses in Dallas

Are you looking for a great steakhouse in the city of Dallas?  If so, there are plenty of steakhouse options to choose from.  Which offers the best atmosphere, menu items and service, though?  Here are some of the better choices:

Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

This steakhouse actually started out as the Y.O. Ranch, which was founded in the 1840s.  The ranch has actually remained in the owner’s family for six generations.  When it comes to menu options, this steakhouse doesn’t disappoint, either.  You will find plenty of steaks here, as well as seafood, fowl and even wild game, which is not something that every steakhouse can claim.


The Capital Grille

If you’re looking for a great meal, as well as an upscale atmosphere, then The Capital Grille is the place for you.  Rich wood paneling, a sumptuous menu and art deco themes throughout make this an elegant dining option.  For meals, you can enjoy options like Beef Carpaccio, as well as seafood and Italian food items.  Don’t miss the 5,000-bottle wine cellar, either.


Bob’s Steak and Chop House

This is one of the top steakhouse options in the nation, and you’ll find some delightful menu options here.  Bob’s is a combination of fine dining and casual atmosphere, with plenty to offer anyone.  They offer a long list of steaks, from ribeye steaks to New York strips and porterhouse steaks.  Of course, you will also find seafood, pasta and numerous other meals at this steakhouse. 

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