Top 3 Restaurants Offering a Thanksgiving Menu in Irvine, CA

For some people, the Thanksgiving holiday is not necessarily about dining in – it’s about dining out.  Thanksgiving restaurants in Irvine are readily available, and you’ll find quite a few different options for your needs.  Here are some of the best Thanksgiving restaurants in the city and a smattering of their menu options.


The 6ix Park Grill in Irvine is one of the premier Thanksgiving restaurants available.  You will find a great buffet dinner with turkey and prime rib on offer.  You will also find a carving station, as well as all the traditional sides that you might want, and even free champagne.


The Châteaux Restaurant and Lounge is another of the popular Thanksgiving restaurants in town.  Here, you will find turkey and dressing, macaroni and cheese, green beans and all the other traditional holiday fare that you might crave.


A discussion of the best local Thanksgiving restaurants in town would not be complete without a mention of Buca di Beep, where you will find casual Italian fare.  You will find some traditional Thanksgiving fare here, like turkey and sides, but you will also find some great Italian dishes for a bit of a change.


These are only a handful of the many different Thanksgiving restaurants available in town.  You will find everything from casual dining options to high-end restaurants that serve up new takes on beloved meal options.  If you want to dine out in town, you have numerous different Thanksgiving restaurants from which to choose for your meal.

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