Top 5 Best Vegetables for Preventing Colds

Are you worried about catching a cold this winter?  Are you wondering what you can do to prevent it?  Taking vitamins can seem like a great idea, but you are actually better off eating the right foods that can be bought cheaply at any grocer


Eating healthily offers more nutrients as well as the added hydration and comfort that only healthy food can provide.  Here are the top 5 vegetables for preventing the common cold.


Rich in beta carotene and other vitamins, carrots help to boost blood flow and strengthen the body’s defenses.  This means a much healthier outlook and a lower chance of ever developing a cold. Your doctor will thank you!

Packed with antioxidants, broccoli can actually help the body to repair and restore damaged cells, making you less susceptible to the cold as well as many more serious illnesses.

Onions offer a surprisingly high level of vitamin C, which your body needs to fight off and kill the cold.  Since onions are excellent at killing bacteria, try using them often during cold season.

Garlic is a natural antiseptic.  This means that it acts almost as a natural antibiotic for your insides, helping to fight off cold germs as soon as you are exposed and working to keep you from getting sick.

Packed with antioxidants and considered a super food, tomatoes offer many nutrients and benefits that can help keep the cold from ever developing.

When you eat the right foods, preventing the common cold is much easier.

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