Top Recipe Ingredients That Speed Up Your Metabolism

You exercise daily and you hardly ever eat fast food, yet your metabolism is still slow. You’re exercising religiously and you’re still gaining weight. What’s going on?


It’s likely that you have a naturally slow metabolism, but no worries. There are plenty of recipes out there that contain ingredients that are both tasty and good for you, and as an added bonus, they boost your metabolism. That’s a hard combination to come by, isn’t it?

If you’re looking to make dinner, let’s get started. First of all, recipes that contain certain types of fish are great metabolism boosters, so head down to the grocery store or fishmongers and dig in. The best ones to try are salmon or tuna, with healthy brown rice on the side. Additionally, recipes that use baked potatoes are also good for your metabolism. Go ahead and have one with your fish, yes it’s carbohydrate, but it’s carbohydrate that’s actually good for you.


If you’re thinking about adding a soup before your delicious dinner, go ahead. As long as your soup recipes call for lobster, which contains potassium and B-12. Both of these are minerals that shoot your metabolism sky high. Who doesn’t love a bowl of lobster bisque?

You can’t have soup without salad, and lucky for you vegetables are good for your metabolism. Find recipes for nice, leafy salads.

Ready for desert yet? Recipes with chocolate can boost your metabolism as well. Dark chocolate helps burn more calories than regular chocolate, so try to stick that that. Just make sure you enjoy it no less than an hour before bedtime to avoid storing the fat in the chocolate as you sleep.

You can find recipes for metabolism boosting meals all over the internet. Just remember to stick with ingredients that contain Vitamins C, B-12, and E. Hungry yet? Start looking for healthy and tasty recipes!

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