Turning Holiday Leftovers Into Turkey Ala King

Is your post holiday meal plan looking bleak at best?  Are you seeking something to do with those unavoidable turkey leftovers?  Here is a great recipe to make turkey a la king from those holiday leftovers.  Turkey a la king is a delicious and easy dish that is certain to keep your family happy eating the bird until it is gone.

To make this turkey a la king, you will need a quarter cup of butter, a half cup of chopped green peppers, four ounces of sliced mushrooms, a quarter cup of flour, a cup and a half of milk, a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup, a jar of diced pimiento strips, a dash of onion powder, and two and a half cups of cubed leftover turkey.

To get started on the turkey a la king, melt your butter into a skilled and add in the mushrooms and peppers.  Simmer, covered, for five minutes and remove the veggies.  Add your flour to your butter and cook and stir until it is smooth. Now add your milk and soup to the skilled and stir until it is thickened and smooth, then add your turkey and pimiento as well as your veggies and your seasonings.  Salt and pepper the turkey a la king to taste and serve over biscuits, noodles, or rice. 

This turkey a la king recipe is incredibly simple, yet it is packed with creamy flavor.  When you need a great way to ensure that the bird is finished without making the family live on turkey sandwiches for a month, this can be a great option!

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