What are the Best Vegetables to Plant in Spring?

Growing vegetables is a fun pastime, and comes with rewarding results.  When winter starts melting into spring, it is time to visit your neighborhood garden center, and decide what vegetables you want to plant, the amount, and the conditions needed to help the plant thrive. 


One vegetable that is planted in spring is leaf lettuce, which is easier to grow than head lettuce.  Plant your lettuce as soon as the soil is worked and make sure there is enough compost and fertilizer to keep the soil moist, while also allowing adequate drainage.


Potatoes are another great vegetable to plant in the spring.  This vegetable should be planted as early as possible, preferably two weeks before the last winter frost to make for a wonderful crop.  Carrots are another vegetable that thrive during in the spring.  Carrots can be planted at the same time as potatoes, but can take a little longer for germination.  Make sure the soil is evenly moist to allow for the healthiest produce. You can get great discounts on garden soil and fertilizer at most big-box home improvement stores that have gardening centers, such as Home Depot and even Wal-Mart.

Peas flourish in the springtime, as well.  Peas can be planted even earlier than carrots and potatoes while the weather is still cold, or even in the snow.  Peas will usually mature roughly 60 days after they are planted.


Don’t forget the spinach; it’s nutrient-dense and packed with healthy vitamin C.  However, it requires a lot of plant food to produce the healthiest and tastiest produce.

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