What Are the Health Benefits of Increasing Your Lycopene Intake?

There are plenty of reasons to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.  They are essential to having proper nutrition, as well as enjoying numerous health benefits.  One of the most important nutrients for your body is lycopene, which can be found in several different fruits and vegetables.


Lycopene is responsible for giving several fruits their red color – tomatoes, watermelon, etc.  Lycopene is an important antioxidant for the human body. 


One of the most significant things that lycopene can help with is a reduction in prostate cancer for men.  In addition, it can play an important role in providing better cardiovascular health and preventing heart disease, high blood pressure, and reducing your chance of stroke.


Lycopene is an important nutrient to help reduce the chance of other types of cancer, as well.  Cervical, breast, colon, and lung cancer can all be better protected against with a diet rich in this nutrient.


Interestingly, a diet rich in lycopene and other nutrients seems to help mitigate the chance of serious sunburn.  It may also play a role in helping to prevent skin cancer caused by sun exposure.


Where do you find lycopene?  Tomatoes (and tomato-based products like sauce) are the best place.  However, there are supplements available from vitamin stores and health food markets, as well as multivitamins that contain high levels of lycopene.  Adding more of this nutrient to your diet is an important part of ensuring that you are protected from cancer and other diseases.

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