What Are the Top 5 Law Schools in the U.S.?

Whether you are considering going to law school yourself, or you are looking at the best colleges for your child, then you will most likely want to do some in-depth research into the options available.  Learning about the top five law schools in the country can be important. 


You may think that these law schools mentioned below are out of your league as far as cost, but keep in mind that there are scholarships and fellowships that can make your or your child’s attendance possible.  Regarding acceptance rates, graduate schools at Ivy League Universities are not as difficult as getting accepted to get your Bachelor’s Degree.

1. Yale Law School  
This Ivy League school, located in Connecticut, has a long history of providing law degrees in the United States.  In fact, numerous presidents and Supreme Court justices have attained their law degrees from Yale.


2. Harvard Law School  Located in Massachusetts, Harvard Law dates back to 1817 as an Ivy League college.  Harvard is the largest in attendance of the top law schools in the United States.


3. Stanford Law School  Located in California, Stanford is a West Coast school that boasts a well-respected law program in the California sunshine.  Stanford is often favored by students for its location.


4. Columbia Law School  This is another Ivy League school located in New York City.  This school is known for its very selective admissions process, and is more difficult to attend. 


5. University of Chicago  Located near Hyde Park, this school is known for its high level of seriousness when training for law degrees.


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