Wheat or Rice Pasta: Which is Better?

If you are looking to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, you may think that this means cutting out your favorite carb-heavy foods, such as pasta.  The good news, when it comes to pasta, is that there are a few healthy alternatives at the supermarket, including both wheat and rice based varieties.  While finding the right brand is essential to taste, it is also good to know which is best from a health standpoint.  

Both wheat pasta and rice pasta are both healthy options, as both are made from whole grains.  This certainly helps to increase the benefits that they offer to the body, but which one is really better for you? 


Essentially, they are both quite similar in the nutrition that they offer the body, but in the long run, most people will find that rice pasta is a better choice.  Thanks to fast food and processed food diets, the digestive systems of people today are much more sensitive than they were in the past.  This leaves many people susceptible to allergies and sensitivities to even the most basic food ingredients. 


Celiac disease is quite common these days, and many people without the condition still show sensitivity to gluten, which is found in wheat.  Because of this, rice pasta can be a much better choice than wheat pasta.  Many people with mild gluten sensitivities have no idea what is to blame for their digestive issues, and substituting wheat pasta for its rice counterpart can make a significant difference in the quality of their lives.

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