Where to Find the Best Street Food in New York City
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Are you planning to travel to New York City?  If so, then you’re going to need to eat, certainly.  New York City offers almost anything that you might want to dine on, but the street food in the city is one of the most popular options.  Street food is more than convenient, and it’s available in just as wide a diversity as the restaurant options in the city.


New York City street food that you should try certainly includes Bistro Truck – this option offers you gourmet food on wheels throughout the city, though they’re usually not in operation on holidays (like Thanksgiving and Christmas).


If you have a hankering for something sweet, then Cake and Shake is the New York City street food option for you.  You’ll find all kinds of cakes and shakes (as the name suggests) with this vendor.  Check out their Twitter feed for the hottest deals of the day.


Chef Samir Truck is another popular option here – this food vendor offers Mediterranean food to those all over the city.  Fusing flavors of Morocco with Mediterranean tastes, you’ll find something to love here.


Of course, you can’t visit New York City and not have some pizza.  If so, then Pizza Truck has the street food for you!  You’ll find that this vendor offers cheap pizza, but with plenty of flavor.  Again, check out the Twitter feed for their location and their specials.


New York City offers plenty of street food options – there are more vendors than you might believe, so you’re sure to find the perfect taste.

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