Which Type of Tea is the Healthiest to Drink?

People are always wondering which tea is the healthiest to drink, and most people usually come to the conclusion that green tea is the best option because they believe that it has the highest amount of antioxidants.  As most people know, antioxidants have health benefits for reducing the risk of cancer, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular problems, and they can help to deduce the effects of aging.


Despite the commonly held belief that green tea is king, white tea actually offers the most health benefits.  The white and green tea is from the same plant, but the difference is the time of year in which the harvest takes place.  White tea, harvested in early spring when the buds contain small white hairs, is actually the healthiest option you will find.


White tea features a much higher concentration of antioxidants.  All of the great things that you can get from drinking the green version are still available, but they are much more prominent and powerful with the white version.  The Silver Needle variety of white tea is the healthiest of the bunch.

Although tea is great for a healthier diet, avoid teas that contain syrup, citric acid, sugar or unnatural flavors.  There’s no reason tea should be "diet" when it’s already healthy, and drinking a bottle of tea with chemicals is just as bad as drinking a soda.


As more people start to learn about all of the benefits of white tea, you can expect to see it pop up at the supermarket and at your local coffee house more often.  While it might be hard to find in your local stores right now, you still have the option of ordering your tea through online sellers. 


Start drinking it today and you will see how it can change your health for the better.  It is costlier than the other caffeinated options, but in turn you’ll reduce the risk for diseases and avoid costly medical bills.

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