Why a Big Breakfast Can Increase Your Child’s GPA

Although children will often insist that they’re not hungry in the morning, it’s still important to feed your children a healthy, hearty breakfast. Research shows that children who skip breakfast are at a distinct disadvantage all day long.

Children who skip breakfast often exhibit problematic behaviors at school, which has prompted many schools to offer breakfast before school. In numerous studies, inattentiveness is very apparent in children who have missed breakfast. Doctors and experts have also found that memory and grades suffer in breakfast-skippers.

Peanut butter on whole grain toast is the perfect breakfast for growing kids. Almost every child enjoys peanut butter, but you may need to get them accustomed to the taste of whole grain bread. Grocery store white bread has a high glycemic level and does not offer the same nutrients. White bread is stripped of its fiber and cannot supply lasting energy to children, while whole wheat bread retains the endosperm and fiber of the grain.

Good grains provide carbohydrates and are important for proper brain functioning. Without carbohydrates, children and adults alike have trouble thinking. By providing natural foods for your children, they will be able to concentrate better and not be put at risk for diabetes later in life.

It’s true that children are resilient, but experts are now linking low quality foods with adult-onset diabetes, so healthy foods will help give your kids a life-long boost. By role modeling a healthy breakfast of eggs and toast or oatmeal, you will teach your kids what’s important through your actions.

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