Why Cooking Meals Rich in Omega 3 Oil is a Smart Move for Your Health

Cooking with the right balance of nutrition, fats and oils is crucial to your overall health and well being.  Getting the right nutrients can help you get the energy you need to enjoy life. Cooking with foods rich in Omega 3 can contribute to many important parts of overall health, including healthy cell function, prevention of cancer growth, and maintaining a healthy heart, and the good news is that most foods containing Omega 3 can be bought cheaply at any supermarket.

Cooking with foods like salmon, flax seeds, soybeans, sardines, and tofu will help you get the Omega 3 you need to stay healthy.  An Omega 3 deficiency can lead to numerous health problems like heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and arthritis.  Cooking healthy and balanced meals rich in this important nutrient can help you prevent these life-threatening conditions.

Symptoms of a deficiency in Omega 3 include fatigue, itchy skin, inability to concentrate, and depression, and indicate that you need to start cooking with foods rich in the fatty acid.  Staying healthy is about more than eating balanced meals, it’s about eating meals with the right balance of nutrients.  Experts recommend that people consume at least 4% of their total calories (approximately 4 grams) as omega-3 fats.  To get this amount, take a small handful of walnuts with a tablespoon of flax seeds.  Easy enough, right?


With both olive oil and fish, grill your food, don’t fry it.  Frying destroys the omega-3s in food, and you won’t get any extra health benefits.  By understanding the right foods to eat and how to prepare them, you can give your body a chance to stay on the right track to better overall health.

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