Why Hemp Seed Can Improve Your Health

The hemp plant has been used for thousands of years for many different purposes.  Today, hemp is largely ignored or relegated to the subculture, simply due to the connotations of its use; e.g. marijuana is hemp. 


This relationship between the plant and an illicit drug has made hemp “taboo” for many people.  However, there are several ways that hemp seed can actually offer you better health.


You do not need to smoke pot to appreciate the health benefits offered by hemp seed.  Natural hemp oil, produced by grinding the seed, is used for a number of different things.  For instance, it is naturally rich in both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, and you can derive the same benefits from this oil as you can from fish oil.


Hemp seed oil also offers some pretty important cardiovascular protection.  It can help to improve skin dryness and reduce chronic itchiness, as well.  Protein from hemp oil has also been instrumental in helping people lose weight. 


This is because the oil is high in fiber, as well as numerous essential vitamins (A, B vitamins, C and D).  One of the most surprising things about hemp oil is that it can help prevent colon cancer from forming, due to its dietary benefits.  You can get hemp oil from many online outlets as well as your local vitamin store or drugstore.


Of course, hemp oil is not a cure all, but it can be a valuable part of a healthy, nutritious diet – without the illegal undertones conjured up by the modern point of view on this useful ancient medicinal plant.

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