4 Lavish Caribbean Cruise Deals For Seniors

The holiday season is here! A perfect time to unwind and relax with family and friends. While some venture on adventurous holidays and road trips, cruises are also another unique option to relax and take a luxurious break, especially when you are in your golden years. So, if you are retired and looking to spend your holidays sailing to exotic places, here are some of the senior Caribbean cruise deals that you can totally consider.

Explore the Western Caribbean seas by Royal Caribbean International
If you have ever wanted to venture into the Caribbean seas in style, this cruise deal is the best for you. The Adventure of the Seas by Royal Caribbean International is a ship that offers a 4-night cruise to the Western Caribbean. This senior Caribbean cruise deal is the best if you are looking for a luxurious getaway. The Adventure of the Seas will take you to Galveston, a Texan local favorite, as they flock on the island to enjoy the warm water of the gulf. It will also take you to Cozumel, where you can sunbathe on white-sand beaches or discover the lost Mayan ruins.  You can book this trip starting from $726 per person, and they are also offering $25 Onboard credit, which you can use on your next trip. While Royal Caribbean International Cruises do not have special cruise packages for seniors, you can still avail of discounts if you are 55 years or older while booking a particular cruise package.

Relax on the West-Coast beaches with Carnival Cruise
If you are a senior and looking for a relaxing Caribbean getaway, this cruise is for you. Carnival Cruise’s 4-day cruise to the Bahamas can be a perfect itinerary if you want to escape the chilly winters this year. Instead, begin your trip with Miami, which is listed among the top 10 cities to have a raving nightlife. The cruise will take you to one of the best private islands in the east coast: The Half Moon Cay Island. Enjoy Snorkeling at Half Moon Cay beach or embark on a tropical kayak adventure. And if you are not much of a swimmer, you can also enjoy some horseback riding or go on an Eco-bike tour along the shore! The cruise will also take you to Nassau. The Bahamian island is known for its 140 acres of water coasters and pools. While on board, you can enjoy the cruise’s Cloud 9 Spa, entertainment center, and your favorite cocktail at the RedFrog Pub. You can book this cruise holiday for just $134 per person.

AARP Travel Cruise Deals
AARP has partnered with expedia.com to offer great discounts on cruise packages. While they do not provide specific offers for seniors, you can still avail of this offer if you are a senior and have an AARP membership. For instance, seniors can take advantage of a 70 percent discount on a 5-night Caribbean cruise by Royal Caribbean that will take you to the relaxing and serene beaches of Costa Maya and Cozumel. You can book this cruise for as low as $194 per person.

Explore Mexico on sea with Royal Caribbean
If you are looking for a weekend getaway, this cruise deal is for you. Royal Caribbean International is offering a 3-night Ensenada Cruise to Mexico. The cruise begins from Los Angeles, the trendsetting Metropolis. Explore the star-studded Hollywood Walk of Fame and discover the local cuisines of its outer beach towns. After sailing and enjoying onboard entertainment and cuisines, you will arrive at Ensenada, Mexico. Explore the shores of Estro and Mona Lisa beaches, and hike to the towering El Salto Canyon waterfall that has a magnificent sea view. You can also enjoy local cuisines, as Ensenada is a prominent culinary hub of Baja California. The cruise deal is available for as low as $109 per person.

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