A Visitor’s Guide: Getting the Most Out of Disney World

Great family vacations are tough to find.  Good family vacations require a place versatile enough to accommodate everyone’s personality, providing both excitement and leisure for all ages. 


One of the best family vacations is none other than Disney World.  Unlike other family vacations, visiting Disney World requires a lot of preparation.  There is so much to see and do that it is easy to get overwhelmed.  Here’s how to make the most of your time.


Disney World Family Vacations Tip 1:

Understanding Disney World

For the first timer, Disney Land is overwhelming.  It has four theme parks, two water parks and 20 hotels.  All together, the land used is larger than Manhattan.  A kid’s dream, but a planners nightmare!  Before even thinking about when to go, first try to understand the park.

Visit: http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/planning-guides/in-depth-advice/first-trip/ to find out information about Disney World.  Read as much as you can about the parks to find the best time of year to go for your family.


Disney World Family Vacations Tip 2:


Budget.  You will spend a lot of money at Disney World.  Be prepared!  Everything is overpriced, from a coke to a ‘budget’ hotel.  Budgeting for the trip includes travel, lodging, food, and miscellaneous items.  Five Mickey Mouse caps will run you almost $100.  That should give you a good guide on how much to bring.  Taking a family of four to the park hotel for a week could run you thousands of dollars, so come prepared!

You may be able to find some good deals by staying at a hotel a few miles away and by eating at local restaurants.  Try to avoid purchasing costly souvenirs; instead, one great item is an autograph book for a couple dollars that your kids can use to get autographs of their favorite Disney characters.


If money isn’t an option, Disney World has some great luxurious themed hotels and villas with amazing restaurants and stores.  Spend away!


Disney World Family Vacations Tip 3:



I’ll admit it: I don’t like crowds.  Even the most amiable people person can get overwhelmed and annoyed by the sheer number of people walking around Disney World.  Family Vacations are not fun spent standing in lines all day long in the hot sun.  The best way to enjoy Disney World is during the week.  Mondays and Tuesdays are the best times to go, but the parks will still be crowded.

A great way to enjoy Disney World without so much commotion is to go right when they open.  Disney World Resort guests are allowed to go to one of the parks early every day.  Find out which one opens early that day by visiting the website and take advantage of the early worm deals.

The second week of December is the best time to go because you will miss the Christmas crowds, but all of the decorations will be up.


Disney World Family Vacations Tip 4:


Off all family vacations, Disney World is probably the most written about.  This benefits you because you can take advantage of other’s knowledge.  Some websites like allears.net and mousesavers.com can save you time and money by pointing out the best routes to take and best restaurants to eat at.

A few tips for family vacations at Disney World include:

Bring your own snacks.  Disney World will let you bring food and drinks as long as its not a full course meal.  

Google in advance instructions on how to use Fast Passes to save time in lines.

Research a list of the best rides and shortcuts around the parks.


Despite the hassle planning family vacations at Disney World, no doubt your family will have the time of their lives.  This is one of few family vacations that every single person will enjoy.  From fine cuisine to swimming and fireworks displays, you can do nearly everything here, making it one of the best family vacations there is.   





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