Best Pisces Love Match Star Signs According to Love Horoscopes

Love horoscopes say that the Pisces may be unfaithful, but the Capricorn is a great match because the steady Capricorn is a great foil for the dreamy Pisces.  Pisces who love stability often admire the sturdy Capricorn.  Capricorn enjoys admiration, so love horoscopes say this is a very compatible coupling.  The Pisces is very affectionate, which will bring much joy to a Capricorn.  Love horoscopes say that Capricorn will also appreciate the Pisces’ sincerity.  All in all, this pairing shows great promise.

The Pisces may have a tendency to wander if he or she feels that the partner doesn’t give enough interest, so the possessive Scorpio can make an excellent match, according to love horoscopes.  The dominant Scorpio craves the dependent Pisces, and both share loyal and intuitive qualities.  Love horoscopes say that both also enjoy pursuing the mystical, which can make life together anything but boring.  The indecisive Pisces also truly relies on the staunch Scorpio to make decisions, the love horoscopes say.  The persevering Scorpio can ensure that love matches last for the long term.

Love horoscopes insist that the bull-headed Taurus is a great match for the dreamy Pisces.  The authoritative Taurus may be just what the Pisces needs to get their goals on track for success.  The emotional Pisces can also be easily reined in by the practical Taurus.  Though the Taurus may be a bit more realistic, both enjoy beauty and art, and both like to pursue the finer things.  Love horoscopes predict that a love affair would be interesting, and a marriage would be very healthy.

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