Celebrity Artists Who Owned the Year 2010

The year 2010 has been a great year so far, although we have certainly had our share of celebrity low points.  Take heart though—not everyone was arrested for groping bartenders and breaking and entering this year in 2010.  These celebrity artists had a great year!


First up, it’s hard not to mention the one celebrity that the world either loves or hates but never stops gaga-ing about.  Lady Gaga is only 24 but has already sold over 15 million albums and 51 million singles.  More importantly, this celebrity has broken out of the mold of the typical teen queen celebrity and has instead embraced an androgynous and controversial image, comparable to the best years of Madonna. 


Moving on, it would seem as if Conan O’Brien should be an unhappy ending to a Hollywood tragedy.  However, this redheaded celebrity made out alive even after being reviled by The Tonight Show audience, and then to add insult to injury, losing the job promised to him by NBC, and being shoved under a train by Jay Leno!  Instead of disappearing into celebrity obscurity, he took home a $45 million dollar buy-out and landed a new talk show on the less-stuffy network TBS.


It’s hard to imagine following up Titanic with something even bigger, but celebrity James Cameron did just that with his Avatar 3-D movie spectacular.  He not only outperformed George Lucas and Steven Spielberg in terms of visual effects, but also pushed an environmentally-friendly message that even inspired the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to meet with him to talk about fixing the oil spill.  Sure, this blue-loving celebrity lost the Academy Award to his ex-wife, but is it really classy to chomp down a Snickers bar after sampling the finest chocolate cake at the table?


These three celebrity artists kept our attention in 2010 and made what could have been a disastrous year a true joy in Tinseltown. 

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