Celebrity Gossip Hot List The Controversial Life Of Actress Lindsey Lohan

She’s rich, she’s famous, and she can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Whether you love Lindsey Lohan or you hate her, you probably already know more about her life through celebrity gossip then you know about some of your own family members.

Lindsey Lohan has become Hollywood’s quintessential party girl, a star that celebrity gossip columnists love to insult. But remember that other side of Lindsay Lohan? The glamorous girl we knew before her misbehavior became a hot topic in celebrity gossip circles? There are truly two sides of Lindsey Lohan, the glamorous actress and the celebrity gossip party girl.


Lindsey Lohan first made celebrity gossip news when she starred in Disney’s the Parent Trap. But Freaky Friday and Mean Girls were the films that really showed a more glamorous Lohan and that led to her being a popular topic for celebrity gossip. Lindsey Lohan was a highly glamorous and beautiful “it” girl in Hollywood for a time. She won roles in several independent films and was known in celebrity gossip for being one of the fashionable young up-and-comers for a time.


That all changed in 2007. Celebrity gossip sources reported during 2007 that Lohan was taken in for two DUIs. After three failed attempts at rehab, Lindsey Lohan lost several movie deals. According to celebrity gossip, no production company wanted to take a chance on the increasingly unstable Lohan.


Since then celebrity gossip sources have reported some serious ups and downs in the once glamorous career of Lindsey Lohan. She landed a few television roles and looked like she was starting to get her act together. Her relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson began in 2008 and seemed to stabilize Lindsey Lohan more. However, celebrity gossip sources reported that Lohan and Ronson split up in 2009.


With another recent trip to jail and rehab setting celebrity gossip sources abuzz once again, the future isn’t clear for Lohan. Will she get back to the glamorous girl that she once was? Or, will she continue on the self-destructive course that has landed her in so many celebrity gossip articles again this year?

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