Discover The Basics Of Noh Theatre

Are you a cultured person who’s interested in learning more about noh theater? Noh theater is a form of Japanese musical theater in which people dress in costumes and masks to perform traditional plays. If you are new to the idea of Noh, then this article will teach the basics of Noh so that you can learn to appreciate it.

Noh History

Noh is one of the oldest forms of theater in the world. Noh theater arose in the 14th century in Japan and is based on Japanese dance and Chinese performing arts.


In Noh you will typically see four types of performers: waki, hayashi, kyogen, and shite. Each type of performer has a role to play based on traditional guidelines in Noh.


Noh relies on traditional categories and themes for all of the plays. Some common categories for Noh theater are warrior plays, demon plays, woman plays, and spiritual plays.



In Noh theater, performers are traditionally all male. Masks are worn to depict different ages, sexes, and even moods of characters. The clothing worn by performers in Noh theater is extravagant and helps the audience tell which type of character—god, warrior, spirit, or woman, is being played.


Going to see Noh theater live can be a fantastic experience that will give you a new appreciation for the history of theater and the culture of Japan. Know that you know the basics you’ll be able to appreciate and enjoy your experience even more. You can even introduce your friends and family to Noh and share your expertise with them.

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