Family Fun: How to Build a Cardboard Medieval Castle

If you have a small child who is in love with castles, you can make him or her very happy by helping them build their very own cardboard castle.  Its easy to start a collection box in your house for cardboard to build the structure, and your child will grow excited to see the box fill up.  When it’s full, sit down with your child and go through the various boxes and tubes, and get ready to build your castle!

You will need:

* 3 Empty Cereal Boxes

* 4 Toilet Tissue Tubes (You can use 2 paper towel tubes cut in half instead)

* Glue

* Scissors

* Masking Tape

* Non-toxic Paints

* Colored Tissue Paper

* Castle Layout Design (either you can draw it yourself or you may print a pattern out from the Internet)

Countdown to Your New Castle!

When you’ve got everything you need to get started, it’s time to cut out the shapes of the walls from the cereal boxes so you can assemble the castle. 


Before you start to glue the pieces together, you can add color and details to the components.  It will be easier to add color to your walls before you put them together.  Run to the craft store and pick up whatever supplies you think you’ll need.  You can use construction paper, paint, or other items to create the look you want for your castle.  Paint the walls gray, and draw in the ‘stones’ that make up the walls using colored pens, paints or pencils.  


Because you will be using circular tubes from toilet tissue or paper towels, you will be able to easily assemble the towers for your design.  Use craft scissors to carefully cut holes in the sides of the tube the make windows, and cut out the ‘turrets’ from a spare toilet roll tube and glue on top.


As you assemble the structure, you will glue together your walls, add the roof to each part of the building, and add towers to the fortress.  Once you’ve put together the structure, you can move on to the fun details that will make your project unique. 


How to Build a Bigger Castle


Even though this project will end up being a small scale, you can create castles of various sizes, depending on the scale you need.  To make a larger castle, simply blow up the pattern on your printer to the desired size and use large pieces of poster board.  The tubes for towers can be wrapping paper tubes or full paper towel tubes.  You can have fun making a fortress that is unique and personalize it to any size you need.


On a side-note, this is a great way to integrate a lesson about recycling into this fun project. Once your child sees the potential for re-use by using commonly thrown away items, he may get excited about other recycling projects, too.


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