Five Outdoor Family Activities for Rainy Days

Rainy days can feel dark and dreary, and they can lead to your family wanting to stay indoors for days or even weeks at a stretch.  Today, we will look at five great things you can do together outside on a rainy day.  Staying in is safe, but getting out in the fresh air in wet weather with your kids might be more fun than you think!


Go to A Covered Event
Just because it is raining outside doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do outside your home.  Consider going to a covered sporting event, attending a play, or even checking out a concert together.  If that doesn’t sound like fun, there’s always the old rainy day failsafe, the family movie.


Go For a Hike
Hiking is typically considered a great activity for a sunny day, but a hike in the rain can be fun.  Remember to wear proper footwear and a waterproof jacket with a hood, but the trees should actually provide ample cover to keep you dry in the woods.  Bring an umbrella if you really can’t stand getting rained on.  You’ll find the outside air very refreshing.


Act Like Kids Again
Your kids have no problem getting dirty, and letting go of that urge to stay spotless can be incredibly fun.  Why not take the whole family outside to play in the rain and puddles and make mud pies like you did when you were small?  So long as it’s not too cold, wear old clothes and let the rain fall where it may.  Afterward, make sure everyone takes a nice hot shower and has a hot drink to warm up.  Bring a waterproof camera for some memorable “are you all crazy?” pictures.


Explore the Backyard
Sure, your kids know what lies in the backyard every day, but rainy days bring out frogs and all kinds of interesting creatures.  Why not grab some magnifying glasses and fishnets and go explore your local pond or lake.


Watch Nature Together
While thunder and lightning can be frightening for small kids, taking the family out to watch it (from a safe distance) can help allay fears.  Be sure to watch from a covered brick building, not from a car, and never stand out in the open during a thunderstorm. Watching the lightning can be surprisingly fun, and playing a game with the family to see who can be the first to spot a rainbow adds a bit of competition and excitement that will keep them looking skyward.

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