Fun Ideas for Simple Children’s Birthday Cakes

There are a lot of things that go into planning a birthday party for your child.  You’ve got to plan the food, the party venue and the entertainment.  Then, of course, there’s the cake!  If you are trying to save money on this incredibly important part of the birthday bash, there are a few fun and simple cakes that you can make rather than going to an expensive cake store or bakers.


Sheet cakes are some of the best cakes out there.  A sheet cake can be frosted and will easily feed all of the guests.  You can decorate it however you want with your child’s age and name, or even be flexible and allow your children to decorate it themselves.


How about building your dessert to look like your kid’s favorite toy?  Trains are really popular with kids, especially Thomas the Tank Engine.  You may also try Dora the Explorer, Elmo or even a zoo animal.

You can even make a cake that looks like a doll.  With the properly shaped pans and the right decorations, your little girl’s favorite doll becomes edible.  You can even add a tiara.  The more girly this treat is, the better!


If your little one loves burgers, make the cake look like one!  Use fruits and candy as the tomatoes and other toppings.  

Lastly, consider an iPod cake.  Kids of all ages love iPods, and adults will be amused, too!  Sheet cakes are perfect for iPods because they’re rectangular.  The top can be the screen with menus, and the click wheel can be drawn with decorating gel.  Have fun and be creative, and your child will have a birthday cake to remember!


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