Hottest Places Celebrities Will Celebrate New Year’s Eve

When it comes to parties, nobody can do it quite like a celebrity.  New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest party holidays on the planet, as people gather together to ring in the new year at restaurants, hotels, and clubs nationwide.  Where will you find your favorite celebrity?

If you are a fan of Kim Kardashian, you are likely to find her in Las Vegas this New Year’s Eve.  It’ll also be a business night for her, as she’ll make a lot of revenue hosting her own party with her dense guest list.  Jay-Z and Coldplay will be Kim’s neighbors in Vegas when they share the stage.  Their concert will be by invite only, but will appear on a giant screen on the strip for all who want to sing along.

When it comes to Taylor Swift, she plans to welcome in the New Year with her family and friends.  She has promised to keep it a low key holiday this year, and as someone who does not enjoy drinking, it is where many predicted she would be.

Rapper T-Pain will be hosting the Playboy New Year’s Eve concert in Chicago this year, and tickets are available for $135. 

As always, New Year’s Eve is best spent in Times Square in New York City with Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest.  Celebrities attending this year include Willow Smith, Jason Derulo, Train, Drake, La Roux, and Ke$ha.

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