How College Sports Provides Children With Role Models and Goals

Children who watch college sports get more than just a fun game out of it. In some cases, an interest in a particular college can be fostered by watching that school’s team compete.


For some children, a sports scholarship may be the single best way for them to get an education. While some students concentrate solely on the academic part of college, sports provide an important way to socialize and be a part of the community that can help some children find their way to a better future.


College sports are played by people that children can relate to. Professional athletes tend to be heroes and heroines more often than most other types of role models. The people involved in college sports are younger, not yet professionals and, if the child happened to go to that campus, they’d probably run into their favorite players now and then. This can create a powerful sense of identification with a particular school on the part of a child, of course, and sports may be their best way into that school.


While sports have long been cast as the antithesis of academics, this is no longer the case. Rather than being presented with the “jock” or “student” roles of the past, students today are encouraged to play sports so that they get in good physical shape as well as academic shape. This means that old barriers between the academic and the athletic aren’t as intimidating as they once were.

Watching sports can provide a way for children to increase their interest in attending a good school, and may provide a key to their future success.

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